Hold onto your seatbelt, we’re going full speed from here.

We’re the new kids on the block - with the skillsets of veterans in the industry.

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Are you looking to shine bright like a diamond? Let us drool our creative juice on the blank canvas and create a masterpiece for you.

Devhaus Icon: Wireframe


Don’t start on the wrong foot, we’re here to help you create the ultimate blueprint that will set your product on the path to the top!

Devhaus Icon: Prototyping


Progress, not perfection. The constant art of innovation and optimisation brings your MVP, a step closer to nothing short of spectacular.

Devhaus Icon:  Product Development


Every line of code is beautifully constructed to breathe life into your idea and it’s simply breathtaking to see your vision come to reality.

Devhaus Icon: Automation


Leave the heavy-lifting tasks to us and enjoy the seamless end-to-end user experience. So you’ll be able to focus on the things that matter most!

Devhaus Icon: Growth Hacking


Finding out about your product through the grapevine might take a little too long. Our team of data-driven marketers will shift it to lightspeed.

We don’t just design, we create masterpieces.

Devhaus is obsessed with delivering nothing short of spectacular designs that best represent your brand and products.

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Branding & Marketing

With so much buzz online, we captivate your audience with eye-catching creatives that communicate with them visually.

Devhaus Icon: Growth Agency Singapore

Wireframing & Prototyping

This is where the magic starts, a crucial phase that saves you time and money in taking your MVP into the market.

Devhaus Icon: Growth Agency Singapore

Website & Product Designs

Beyond the creatives, Devhaus designers are friendly with development - a trait crucial in creating a fast and responsive website.

If it can’t be measured, then it’s merely a hypothesis.

Our team of mad scientists at Devhaus constantly run growth experiments backed with data to find the winning formula that takes businesses from 0 to 100!

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Data-driven Approach

Automation and data analytics tools combined with a series of growth experiments to take brands to greater heights in a shorter period of time.

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Growth Framework

Optimising every stage of the growth funnel to ramp up Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and Customer’s Lifetime Value (CLV).

Nothing is impossible with
an array of codes.

Devhaus' strong obsession in solving and developing complex products has turned ideas into realities for people around the world.

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Web Application

With the right web application, it can help your business grow exponentially by enriching your relationship with your customers.

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Mobile Application

Put your business in the hands of every customer and deliver an out-of-this-world user experience - no matter what device they use.

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Custom Software Development

Precise development of features that meet the needs and wants of your business and customers is a game-changer.

coming soon

Product Academy

Guiding and moulding the next generation of world-ready digital creators. We'll be focusing on teaching you how to launch your own MVP into the market!

Learn to code

Become a full-stack web developer with our courses ranging from HTML,CSS to JavaScript.

Increase employability

Future-proof yourself. Technology is evolving, it doesn't make sense if we stay put.

Our swiss knife

A sneak peak to our tools & frameworks

We've packed ourselves with your favourite tools - used by some of the fastest growing companies out there! This is just a little snippet - there's more to come.

Devhaus Growth Stack: React
Devhaus Growth Stack: Figma
Devhaus Growth Stack: Webflow
Devhaus Growth Stack: Segment
Devhaus Growth Stack: AutopilotHQ
Devhaus Growth Stack: Google Data Studio
Brand. build. Scale.

Let's get your business digitised.

From implementing design systems to automated workflow - we'll be empowering your teams with the perfect execution plan as well as bespoke growth frameworks to ensure you stay relevant during these tough times.

Can't wait to send you our good stuff!!
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