Brand Experience Manager

At Devhaus, we are constantly pacing the everchanging needs of our clients. We believe businesses should not need to sell their soul (or that of their employees) to get recognised. They need a team that not only believes in their brand but is also willing to stick it to them when their vision is fogged by that ‘One Great Campaign’ idea.

A team balanced with dreamers and realists. (It helps that these roles are currently filled by outspoken designers, articulate engineers, witty marketers and serious thinkers with humble backgrounds and amazing portfolios). A team that paces you from beginning to end, whether you are the next Unicorn or seek the humble digital transformation of your business.

You are in great company (and personalities). Welcome to the beginning. We are Devhaus.


Employment Terms

On site work


4-8 years of experience in brand management, brand marketing, or marketing management.

Minimum requirement


Preferred requirement


Jobs Description

You value any opportunity to create better experiences for your user (helps if your love language is acts of service, jk… we have amazing designers whose love languages are that of receiving gifts).

As a Brand Experience Manager, you are responsible for developing brand strategies, promoting brand growth and expansion, implementing brand plans, and using a variety of data to drive volume and profitability. During your work career, your peers might have an essence, that focused on achieving brand business objectives in the short and long term.


You'll be working very closely with our Growth team as they'll be formalising your strategy once the brand is in the market

  • Identify research needs, execute research studies and projects, and analyse research in order to identify opportunities.
  • Developing brand identity strategies, including creating logos and taglines that best represent their clients’ brands.
  • Developing stellar marketing communication strategies for our clients to increase their brand awareness across their digital touchpoints
  • Understand the broader retail market, industry & customer trends to identify new opportunities.
  • Evaluating current marketing campaigns to ensure they are effective in reaching their goals.
  • Assist with media planning to help deliver the brand experience plan in order to deliver the desired returns on brand equity.
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