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In times like this, survival and scaling just don’t come hand in hand

Learn how we can assist your business in multiple angles to tackle every possible problem - outside of design, development and data!

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They’ve benefited from us, so can you

Working with us means having all grounds covered: Web/ Software design & development, Financial solution,HR Strategy and more..

Their work quality and good communication internally have shown in the amount of work accomplished within a short amount of time.
Kylie Chim
Founder of Trally
Devhaus focuses on equipping you with the knowledge for the future and tools that are gaining traction quickly to make sure we are always ahead.
Founder of Nomad Search
I’ve always believed that beauty is necessity, not a luxury. Now I can walk the talk.
Cherie Yu
Founder of Collate Beauty

Here’s a quick glimpse of what we’ve done and what we’re capable of

Assurance and proof is the only way to build trust. Here’re our past projects  - for you to visualise what yours could possibly look like.

Here's a little snippet of what we're capable of

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Fitness lifestyle application

Fitness is a journey, and Sculpt Society strives to be the GPS that guides individuals, seasoned or not, to achieving the best version of themselves.
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Beauty E-Commerce

A beauty haven for every woman to celebrate and express personality and unique beauty. Beauty isn’t just looking good, it’s a vibe.

Coding Academy

Reformation towards digital world is envitable, Devstudio guides and grooms individuals today into digital-ready developers tomorrow.

F&B E-Commerce

Durian is easy to love, but hard to find - especially the good ones. MDurian, with that in mind, was created to unite all to enjoy this Asian delicacy.
Digital services

Web design, development & Architectural planning for growth

When we’re done with your website, that will be 20% of the work delivered. The systems that lie within is what matters most - because your growth is important  to us.

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Beautifully designed interfaces

Aesthetic isn’t everything great, but nothing great comes without it. Luckily for both of us, that’s our strong suite.

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Automated Sales & Marketing sequences

Why hire an admin assistance for $2,000 a month - when it can all be automated? We wonder too.

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Organised and well-tracked data

It’s easy to satisfy your customers when you know what they want. And data helps you do exactly that.

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Design systems for faster deployment

Got an idea? Launch it tomorrow. With a few tweaks, you’ll have yourself a new campaign ready to go.

What these do for you:

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Lesser workload

Most of the repetitive tasks should be automated by now, freeing you up to do the work that actually matters for your business.

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Increased enquiries

If you’re running a business,  you either seek out potential customers, or have customers come knocking on your door. We like the sound of the latter, and we’ll gear your business for that. It’s about time you get busy.

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Growth assured

Some companies focus on planning, the rest on execution. We do both with one goal in mind - to accerlate the growth of your business.

our favourite TOOLS

Having difficulty with these tools or framework?

Feeling lost or low on cofidence with these A-list

Are we perfect fit?

You don’t give a lawyer a wok, the same way we can’t service someone who doesn’t need us. Here’s a quick guide for reference.

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Founders & Business Owners

You know what your business needs, and we know how to get it done without you hiring another 6 people. We’re off to a great start already, chat us up!

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Product & Growth Leads

We are your allies. Whatever you need done is whatever we have been doing on the daily. Outsource your work to us, tap on our manpower.

Devhaus EDG Website development service - Marketing Leaders Image

Marketing Leaders

If your company is a brain, you are the creative juice. Instead of letting your ideas go to waste, let us bring them to life - exactly how you imagined them to be.

the processes

“What if I need a more complex software or application?”

Yup, we’re capable of that too! But that’s a whole new ball game that we’ll need to explain about. Drop us your email below and we can work on the specifics.

Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through the processes for the grants - it’s subsidised too!

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the processes

Let us paint you a mental picture of how our collaboration would look.

This part’s a little heavy, but we cannot afford to have it any other way. It’s all in the details. Ensure that you’re comfortable as you’re reading through this portion

Pre-proposal process

Strategy & Planning

Design & Development

Launching the product into market

Devhaus EDG Website development service - EDG Process Illustration

1. Pre-proposal

Time: 8-12 weeks

This is where we’ll do our fact-finding process, our consulting partners will be guiding you through the grant application & proposal process.

Devhaus EDG Website development service - EDG Process Illustration

2. Strategy & Planning

Time: 1-2 weeks

Upon approval from ESG, we’ll dive straight into the executional work. At this phase, we start our research and strategy work - cracking our head to revamp your new digital platform.

Devhaus EDG Website development service - EDG Process Illustration

3. Design & Development

Time: 8-12 weeks

This is when our design and development team is heavily involved in the wireframing and engineering portion of your new platform. In other words, your work is coming to life.

Devhaus EDG Website development service - EDG Process Illustration

4. Product Launch

Time: 1 weeks

Say no more; it’s done and we’ll be kicking off your product into the market by now.

Psst, tell your friends!

Our partners

You come for our services, you leave with everything else you need. Everything.

We’re not here to tell you how to run your business, but if there is any aspect we could be of service, rest assured we got you covered. W can't do great things without having great people all around us right. Here they are - those who made it possible for us to innovate greater!

Devhaus EDG Website development service - Partners Icon
Financial & Auditing

They’ll be right be your side to look through your numbers in and out. If you’re looking for any finacial analysis on your books or maybe even your business model, leave it to Chartwoods.

Devhaus EDG Website development service - Partners Icon
AG Capital
Loan & Financing

The current climate can be rather volatile and we’ve seen so many businesses shaken down financially. AG’s been assisting our clients with all their financial needs when it comes to financing support. They are all the lobangs you’ll need in this scene!

Devhaus EDG Website development service - Partners Icon
HR Strategy & Consultancy

They’re here to assist you with any hiring or recruitment needs if you choose to grow your own in-house team. Talent acquisition is a tricky one, but know you’ll be in good hands with their service.

Devhaus EDG Website development service - Partners Icon
Nomad Search
HR Strategy & Consultancy
| Build & Construction environment

Specialising in the all things BCA related, they're our core partners assisting us to help revolutionise and digitise the Construction industry!

Devhaus EDG Website development service - Partners Icon
Tomorrow Group
Marketing & Research partner

Specialising in Marketing & Brand Strategy, we'll have your brand equity jump up by miles with them around !

Devhaus EDG Website development service - Partners Icon
Oona Ventures
Business Strategy Partner

Critical thinkers when it comes to innovating outside of conventional norms. Led by Bel - we jump on the band wagon with them when it comes to diving deep into problem solving for truly innovative ventures!

Also, did we mention that she's an author of Blocklass - A book she wrote to help you get your first foot into the crypto space!

case studies

Nomad Search increases its conversion rate by 45% with Devhaus

Nomad Search provides a job matching platform dedicated to all professionals in the construction industry and supporting the needs of both job seekers and companies.

Problem Statement

Lack of recruitment platform for professionals in the construction industry and manual onboarding processes sparks the need to build an online platform that matches job seekers and companies seamlessly within a single platform.

Devhaus Solutions

Develop a self-serving platform that allows job seekers and companies to find the right role and talent based on their requirements seamlessly. Nomad Search marketplace removes the barriers and frictions for both entities with its automation eco-system.



Ecommerce Store

Growth & Marketing

case studies

The birth of a beauty e-commerce in a competitive industry

Collate Beauty stands out from its counterparts by offering more than just beauty products. It is also a beauty directory, and more importantly, a community for beauty lovers.

Problem Statement

The beauty industry is extremely competitive, and there is a high inertia for consumers to switch brands after they have gotten familiar with one.

Devhaus Solutions

To offer a service more comprehensive than simply offering luxury products at an affordable rate, Collate Beauty was developed into a community, where users get to benefit from more than just the competitive pricings. Among the users themselves, a community was born.




Growth & Marketing

case studies

Trally: The app to redefine tourism in a COVID-stricken era.

Trally had an idea before the pandemic - one that proves even more relevant after the pandemic struck.

Problem Statement

As with all novel experiments, the introduction of virtual tourism can take awhile to warm up amongst unaware audiences. Little data to play with, and even lesser audience for feedback.

Devhaus Solutions

To make onboarding as simple as possible, where ramping up our userbase takes first priority. An aesthetic website to make it alluring for new users, as well as a simplistic but functional web application to entice users to come onboard.


New Website

New Web Application

Mobile Application Growth

Growth & Marketing


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The work we’ve done: Check out our portfolio, again.
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Who are our partners?
Think of them as an extended service that we’re offering. Any problems you may have, as long as it’s related to your business, we have a solution for you.

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Revisit our past projects
Understand our train of thought when we resolve your business problems. Every solution should address a specific problem your business faces, and the end product should be fully operational in the way you’d love for it to.

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Let’s talk about your business.

Enough of us going on about our business. Let’s talk about yours - and how we can add value to it.

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