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end to end Digitalisation

Improve performance, aesthetics, efficiency - what have you.

Think of your website as your office - a digital one. What we're doing for you includes: beautifying your office, installing all the right equipment, and showing your audience the way to your new office. And yes, you can be subsidised for all of these upgrades.

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    A brand new dynamic and interactive website
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    Automated Customer Relation Management
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    End-to-end analytics
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    Tailored dashboard for better decision making

Automate and optimise your workflow.

Regardless whether you're running an E-commerce store, a Marketplace or even a conventional service based business, we're here to help you increase productivity and efficiency to the highest calibre. No more choosing between maximising your revenue or minimising your expenses - we're here to do both.

EDG - Devhaus Automation Grant
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The help to grab your business out of the red zone

From recovery to scaling, these are some of the things available to give your business the extra ammo to perform.

Devhaus Services: Growth & Marketing
EDG Business Strategy Development
subsidised up to 80%

If you're cracking your head on how to come up with the perfect blueprint to aid the growth of your company then this is the right path, here we'll dive deep in strategy work to help you figure your company roadmap.

SMEs up to 80%; non-SMEs up to 60% of qualified costs from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2022.

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    Diagnosis and gap analysis of your company
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    Assessment of internal and external factors, such as strengths and weaknesses, and competition
  • done_outline
    Development of a strategic roadmap, business frameworks, policies or processes
  • done_outline
    Recommendations and plans for implementation
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Need a boost and clearer picture of where to take your company to? Start with this.
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Devhaus Services: Product Sprints
EDG Automation
subsidised up to80%

To support your company’s usage of automation and technology which can result in tangible benefits and significant growth.

SMEs up to 80%; non-SMEs up to 60% of qualified costs from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2022.

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    Adoption / development of sophisticated hardware and/or software solutions
  • done_outline
    Development of solutions that involve purchase of machinery and integration of systems
  • done_outline
    Training of staff to deploy solutions
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Helps you automate your workflow so you can focus on the more pressing matters!
Devhaus Services: Growth & Marketing
EDG Product Development
subsidised up to 80%

To help your company develop innovative technology and products with the end goal of commercialisation.

SMEs up to 80%; non-SMEs up to 60% of qualified costs from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2022.

  • done_outline
    Assessment of market viability.
  • done_outline
    Evaluation of potential demand and user understanding.
  • done_outline
    Development of product roadmap and proposed functionalities for the product.
  • done_outline
    Demonstration of market validation.
  • done_outline
    Development of commercialisation plan.
  • done_outline
    Review of IP considerations.
  • done_outline
    Development of prototype and small batch production, where relevant.
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Capped out on your current performance? Tap on it to scale further to the next calibre.
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Devhaus EDG Application process

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