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Grant Overview

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Startup SG Accelerator supports startup enablers, such as incubators and accelerators, to nurture the development of high-potential Singapore-based startups. As part of EnterpriseSG's efforts to encourage startups to scale and access international markets, Startup SG Accelerator may also support in-market programmes developed by startup enablers.

Additionally, to foster ecosystem development, Startup SG Accelerator may support foreign startup enablers in setting up in Singapore. The accelerator will provide funding and non-financial support for these partners to further enhance their programs and expertise in nurturing successful Singapore-based startups.

Startup SG Accelerator may provide money for programmes to help startups create new products and services, get money for their business, and access markets. They may also pay for mentors and experts to give guidance to startups. Finally, Enterprise Singapore may cover some of the operating costs, such as salaries for the team.

Outcomes and Impacts

  • Startup SG Accelerator will support you to help you grow your business, especially when it comes to expanding to the global market
  • Help startups take their products and services to the people. And in return, Singapore will benefit from more jobs, new technology, and high-quality services
  • The programme is designed to provide you with a level of support and expertise that will help you take your startup to the next level and beyond
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