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Associate UI/UX Designer

We build remarkable products with intricate & complex tools. Assisting founders develop their new Minimum Viable Product(s). Afterwhich, we’ll help them validate their concepts to achieve Product Market Fit and eventually Scaling them to greater heights! Data, Development & Design is the name of the game, if you’re keen to join the family please submit your interest to us!

Base Salary
What can you look forward to working with us!
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    Learn some of the best tools used by fastest growing startups
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    Work with a highly technical team
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    Transferable skills that could be applied to any industry

1000 hours

Learning materials that'll take you sky-high
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    Exclusive access to our resource library
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    Courses worth over USD$ 20,000
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    Learn growth analytics, product design, product development - all with greater depth

✨ We’ll be prepping you to be the best possible UI/UX Designer in no time. Get the chance to work with a full product & growth team!

In your role as as Associate UI/UX Designer, your day-to-day tasks will consist of collaborating with other teams to define requirements, iterate on design solutions, and contribute expertise for various digital products.

One of the key aspects of your role is creating digital assets for a wide range of platforms, including websites and apps, social media, display advertising, and eCommerce.


As our Associate UI/UX Designer, your responsibilities will include designing digital assets, testing them, and optimizing them based on their performance. Responsibilities also include staying up to date on industry trends and the latest digital design software.

More responsibilities in detail

  • Participate in design discussions and give feedback during planning and strategy meetings
  • Quickly translate ideas into sketches, wireframes, mockups, and interactive prototypes.
  • Test assets and optimize based on their performance.
  • Iterate new designs based on user feedback.
  • Create digital assets (static, video, and HTML) for a range of platforms (social, display advertising, eCommerce, websites, mobile apps, etc.).
  • Create website assets from hero design to web animations.
  • Create email designs for CRM programs and coordinate the creation of email templates in HTML.
  • Design and develop homepages, landing pages, and email concepts.
  • Create and execute concepts for digital advertising.
  • Research industry trends to present ideas and concepts for timely digital innovation.


  • Experience in the design thinking process, agile development, and lean startup methodologies.
  • Experience working in a collaborative team environment.
  • Experience working directly with developers to implement designs.
  • Expertise with standard digital design tools, including Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, InVision, etc.
  • Working knowledge of CSS and HTML.
  • Photo and video editing expertise.
  • Strong knowledge of current digital design best practices and web production techniques.
  • Experience with user-centered design, rapid prototyping, and user testing.
  • A good understanding of visual design principles.
  • Proven digital content skills.
  • Experience creating digital assets for a variety of target audiences.
  • Strong portfolio showing the breadth of digital design capabilities.
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A snippet of what you could probaly master

We’re talking about less than a year! You’ll be guided by your seniors out here.

Understanding UX Best Practices

It’s more than just creating beautiful flows, take a seat in a customer’s journey and dive deep into the psychological and visual experience to deliver a delightful experience for the user.

Building/ Working with Design systems

Designs doesn’t have to be painful. With a proper design system in place, you’ll be deploying your great hypothesis in no time!

Data Driven Designing

Why be anxious about your designs? Here, your users are the judge, learn how to master your variours Product metrics to see if you’ve been doing it right!

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