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Exceptional digital design skillsets

We'll let you be the judge of our work - if you're not already impressed that is. Imagine what we'd do for you when you're onboard!
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30 years of combined experiences

Leverage on the industry experiences of our senior leaders, covering Predictive AI tech in Automotive and HR Tech.
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Heavily subsidised up to 70%

Get all these fancy things and have it subsidised if you've got local shareholding etc.

Adopting frameworks and tools from the world’s brightest business minds

Transform your Brand Experience today.

For a start, we transform your system architecture and create an agile operation process to meet your growing business needs.


We simplify complexity

Helping founders build a robust growth-ready architecture to improve their overall performance & lifecycle marketing output

Get up to 70% off for Singaporean Companies!
Get up to 70% off for Singaporean Companies!
Understanding the process

Here’s how it works

Get hundreds of pre-built classes for spacing, typography, color, alignment, and more. From checkboxes and buttons to ready-made hero sections and contact forms – get components for almost any layout.


Adopt the new way of Marketing

Scalable systems and processes to help your team achieve their campaign performance faster.


Evaluation & Diagnosis

Assessment of your current marketing operations & infrastructure. Eventually, the end outcome we’d want are

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    Understand overall company performance in a bird’s eye-view
  • check
    Reduce manual executional tasks
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    Increase campaign deployment efficiency

Market & Competitors

Granular view of your top competitors and industry players on their digital presence and performance marketing efforts

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    Traffic Analytics
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    Advertising Research
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    Understanding your key market audience’s interests

Marketing technology architecture

We’ll chart out the leanest, most robust marketing technology stack for you to decrease time to insights

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    No-code environment infrastructure
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    Marketing Automation Strategy
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    Easier, more accurate insights of your business

Lifecycle Marketing Strategy

Here we’ll give you the outline of how you can seamlessly create personalised messaging to every target persona by unifying your customer journey

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    Data Tracking & Integration Strategy
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    Customisable Omnichannel Marketing Strategy
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    Unified Customer Data Best Practice

Training on your new systems & processes

Here we’ll give you the outline of how you can seamlessly create personalised messaging to every target persona

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    Full-funnel Campaign Planning best practice
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    New Branding & Design system guide
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    On-demand Video & User-guided training materials

Strategy & technology adopted by companies like;

Transform your Brand Experience today.

For a start, we transform your system architecture and create an agile operation process to meet your growing business needs.

Driving other innovative teams

We're still learning and evolving as we grow, but here are some of our beloved clients.

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You can be one of the teams too

Don't procrastinate on this decision, your only regret in the future is not starting this sooner.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some pointers, and a little - 'Quick bite-sized information' before you apply for your (EDG) Enterprise Development Grant!

Why Devhaus and not other agencies?
Our team of domain experts have led teams in Scale-ups and startups of all shapes and sizes for over 20 years of combined experience, from Fintech, HR Tech, Big Data all the way through E-commerce and other consumer service ventures. We're currently partners with some of the best software companies in the world, naming - Webflow, Segment, Fivetran, Ortto and more! We're able to provide you with end-to-end strategy instead of switching between creative agencies to digital marketing agencies and development houses, why not just stick to us - where we'll cover it all for you.
What are the approval criteria for the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)?
Here are the key criteria that you'll need to fulfill before considering on approval

1. Your entity is registered and operating in Singapore
2. Your entity have a minimum of 30% local shareholding
3. Your entity is in a financially viable position to start and complete the project
Typically our project ranges between S$68,000 to S$100,000 for Core Capability projects that are strategy driven. Typically, if your cashflow fits the bill and you have enough cash in the bank, Enterprise Singapore will be more likely to approve your project.
What are the key documents you'll need to prepare for the application process?
Here are the key materials you'll need to prepare prior to the proposal submission - you may also view the EDG Application checklist here

1. Your past 2 years of Audited Financial Statements
2. The EDG Project Proposal; we'll be providing you with this upon the submission of your enquiry
We'll send you our detailed and guided onboarding guidelines to help you with this process upon submitting the form on the next page
3. Registered Consultant's Certifications (RMC, PMC, SCMC, etc)
4. Cost Quotation & Scope of Work from Devhaus (as well as other agencies/ consultants you've approached)
Yup, we'd advice you to do the same, window shop with the other solution providers too so you'll understand where our value lies.
What's the step by step process to getting my approval for the EDG grant?
The illustration above will give you a brief visual but let us give you the detailed breakdown
Typically, and EDG project lasts from 6 months to a year.

1. Submit your EDG Proposal
This process typically takes 3 to 9 working days, depending on how fast you can provide us with the information

2. Kick-off your project with us upon submission
In most cases, we usually start the project on the following Monday (at least 5 days upon EDG proposal). Unless we're filled with ongoing projects, we'll be sure to update you before hand.

3. Your Letter of Offer is Granted from Enterprise Singapore
To understand more check out our grants navigator over here to find out more.

4. Audit upon project completion, with the appointed Auditors - more info here
Here are the things we'll need to prepare:
i. The project report
ii. Documentation of project deliverables
iii. Project Invoices and Salary Receipts
iv. Complete and submit GIRO form via FormSg
Once all this is cleared then we're good for claims!

5. Your claims are verified and project deliverables are completed - Yup, you've got your claims and subsidies from your EDG Grant!
I don't understand the scope of work, could you explain that in detail?
Yup, why not! Here's the overview - you provide the problem statements and we'll render the solutions! No two businesses are the same so the scope of work will differ, depending on your requirements, we'll tailor it accordingly.

1. Audit & Research: We'll diagnose your imposed problem statements, whether it's looking through your 1st party data or having look through your competitor's data, we'll dive deep into it.
2. Architecture & Growth Strategy: We focus heavily on creating Data Driven and Design Centric frameworks for teams, if you're not digital-first then you're lacking behind, at this phase we'll be advising you on the most up to date marketing technology software available to improve your marketing operation efficiency!
3. Training: What's all that fancy strategy for if you're not able to enable your team for hypergrowth performance? This is where we'll train you for that.
How much do our strategic project typically cost & how much subsidy can (EDG) Enterprise Development Grant cover?
That depends on the number of problems you're looking to tackle and how much you're able to afford. Depending on the scope of work, as mentioned above, our project ranges from S$68,000 all the way through to over S$100,000 that depends on what you're looking to achieve.

With regards to the subsidies, it varies from Industry to industry typically;
a. up to 70% for SMEs
b. up to 50% for non-SMEs

Chat with us to understand better!