Dr. Ora

Enjoying nature at its purest form without forsaking the skin condition can be tricky, but not anymore, as Dr. Ora and the team has broken down the long-standing myth with their winning-skin formula.

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Skin Care
“I wanted to highlight the importance of sun-protection - especially when we’re all living in a sunny island like Singapore. To share my know-hows and the products I use to maintain a fair complexion even when constantly exposed to harsh UV rays. I had a message to share, and Devhaus helped me broadcast it to the world.” - Wynnie, Founder.

Difficulties they faced

Many Singaporeans were either unaware of the damage they were exposing their skin to, or lack the proper knowledge on how to better protect their skin.

❌ Small client base
❌ Lack of product understanding among customers
❌ Insufficient focus on educating potential customers
❌ Limited channels for reaching out

Our solution

Shifted the business emphasis to first educating potential clients, and then offering them the solution through a carefully planned-out funnel.

✔️ Rebranding
✔️ E-Commerce ecosystem
✔️ Implementation and setting up of growth stack
✔️ Content management
✔️ Built data architecture and analytics system
✔️ Paid advertising
✔️ Manage omni-channel marketing

Product Sprint

Dr. Ora

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