Sheeba The Nutritionist

Sheeba, Nutritionist of the year 2020 by Prestige Awards, integrates a naturopathic approach to her treatment. She is also the author of the book, "Edible to Incredible".

Launched Date
Health & Wellness
“After moving from Singapore to Tokyo, I had some major difficulties managing the bookings of clients from multiple countries, and it was slowing my business operations. Lucky for me, Devhaus was referred to me, and their expertise in developing products and growth strategies has helped me manage my brand seamlessly. They’re a pleasant team to work with as they understood what the business needed, and it has delighted my customers and took the brand to new heights.” - Sheeba Majmudar, Founder.

Difficulties they faced

The custom CRM software are not agile enough to manage the business operations. Also, poor user experience on the website.

❌ CRM software lacks the agility to integrate with other software
❌ Poor UX on the website
❌ Bookings done manually
❌ Poor onboarding process

Our solution

Shifted the business emphasis to first educating potential clients, and then offering them the solution through a carefully planned-out funnel.

✔️ Rebranding
✔️ Automated booking system
✔️ Implementation and setting up of growth stack
✔️ Content management
✔️ Built data architecture and analytics system
✔️ Inbound marketing automation

Product Sprint

Sheeba The Nutritionist

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