A vibrant and exclusive “sisterhood” community-led by Founder Emily. She created this venture to spur her passion & drive for her beloved followers.

Launched Date
"I wanted to portray a visualisation for my audience. Especially when distributing beauty products, it is important that the community can see what they’re getting themselves into. Of course, it has to be pretty too. And Devhaus did just that." - Emily, Founder.

Difficulties they faced

Emily faced multiple challenges in delivering a user-friendly experience to her customers while managing the overall business operations, which affects the business's scalability.

❌ Absence of a thorough customer journey

❌ Lacking accurate visual representations of beauty products

❌ Brand messages was unclear to the audience

❌ A weak sense of belonging among customers

❌ Retention rate was plummeting

❌ Data tracking tools are not in place

Our solution

Devhaus created a whole new online shopping experience for Emobsessed customers, an entire ecosystem for Emily to seamlessly manage business operations to support growth strategies backed with highly accurate data.

✔️ Rebranding

✔️ E-commerce ecosystem

✔️ Implementation and setup growth stack

✔️ Content manager

✔️ Build data architecture and analytics system

✔️ Paid advertising

✔️ Manage omni-channel marketing

Product Sprint


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