Sculptfit Society

A boutique gym dedicated to making a positive change to its clients, and with a team of highly-skilled fitness instructors led by Viknesh, nothing is impossible.

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“I’ve been through the journey too, you know? I took the long route - precious time that could have been saved if I had the proper guidance and know-hows. That is what I want to provide to those who are determined to see themselves through a transformation of their lifetime.” - Viknesh, Founder.

Difficulties they faced

Bigger gyms with greater prestige and established client base meant that it will be tougher to make their brand known.

❌ Surrounded by bigger gyms with a better branding
❌ Limited number of trainers meant limited number of clients
❌ Expansion is largely restricted

Our solution

Because there are a limited number of trainers, we had to maximise their training efficiency. Also, branding plays a huge part when it comes to high-ticket items, like the services they are offering - making it paramount of us to establish trust in our clients.

✔️ Rebranding
✔️ Online and offline marketing to create awareness
✔️ Implementation and setting up of growth stack
✔️ Created a Web App to optimise scheduling and improve user experience
✔️ Built data architecture and analytics system

Product Sprint

Sculptfit Society

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