TalentTribe helps jobseekers in Singapore find a career that's right for them. See what it’s like to work inside different companies – culture, work environment, people & day-to-day work life.

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Human Resource
“As milliennials ourselves, we often faced setbacks on our arduous journey to look for a job. Understanding and relating to the struggles, we’ve decided to offer the support and guidance for the likes of us to faciliate the process of job-hunting.”

Difficulties they faced

Strong competition in the industry, especially in today’s climate where jobs are getting scarcer, and unemployment rate is steadily on the rise.

❌ Stronger competitors dominating the industry
❌ Similar services already available
❌ Hard to distinguish from others

Our solution

First, TalentTribe needed to get on par with its competitors - offering services as good or even better than their counterparts. Then comes the part where TalentTribe proves itself unique from other similar service-providers.

✔️ Rebranding
✔️ Customised landing pages for unique user journeys
✔️ Implementation and setting up of growth stack
✔️ Content management
✔️ Built data architecture and analytics system
✔️ Manage omni-channel marketing

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