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Devhaus Sprint Process - Wireframing, Prototyping and Web design

Redesigning your digital experience

Deliver an impeccable online experience
with creative designs and interactive features
that drive up engagements with your users.

  • check
    Wow your users with mind-blowing user experience
  • check
    Engaging contents and strategic placement of CTAs buttons to drive higher click-through rate
  • check
    Building a design system to empower your product and growth team
Devhaus Sprint Process - Automation

Automating your workflow

If you take 10 minutes to send an email, how long will it take for you to send 100 emails? Still 10 minutes, because we’ll make the technology work for you.

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    Increase scalability of marketing plans and reduce dependency on developers
  • check
    Ensuring that all the tools integrated in your environment work well with each other
  • check
    Quicker roll outs of A/B test and growth experiments to validate hypothesis, find out what works for your business quicker
Devhaus Sprint Process - Data alignment and system integrations

Realigning your data

Data is extremely powerful - only when you know how to decipher the patterns embedded within. With the right tools, it’s as good as reading the minds of your audience.

  • check
    Gain deep and thorough insights to customer behaviours with collection of accurate data
  • check
    No more “guess” work and analysis paralysis. Get access to accurate information seamlessly and make better decisions
  • check
    A whole new documentation on your product's data governance to aid your team when scaling
Devhaus Sprint Process - Software development

Improving your applications

After experimenting with different software and their compatibility with one another, let us help you figure out the best software stack for your product or service.

  • check
    Using state of the art tools that are used by top global startups
  • check
    Implement software that synergises well with your new stack
  • check
    Aiding your team with quality assessment on your digital product
Devhaus Sprint Process - Growth Architecture and Marketing

Redefining your digital framework

Scrape templated projects and elementary data analytical tools. Imagine what your business is truly capable of and let us deliver as imagined.

  • check
    We’ll guide you to implement software tools that are key to your business success
  • check
    Implementation of product stack and growth frameworks to launch
  • check
    We'll ensure to survey and think your stack through for you to mitigate your operational expenses
Devhaus Sprint Process - Executive training for Growth & Marketing Teams

Training your team

We won't overstay our welcome - which is why we will help level up your team to be able to sustain what we’ve developed for the business.

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    Guidance and support to scale up the skillsets of your team members in each department
  • check
    Save cost on hiring new talents for a specific role
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    Increase your team's capabilities with game-changing tools

Our Process

To help you understand better, here's what actually goes on when we sprint on our client's projects.


Strategy & Architecture

We start by doing a deep dive on the tools needed to ensure that your new digital environment is bulletproof from the start. Here's we'll be sketching your sitemaps, schemas and software stack.


Setting your Design System & wireframing

The team kicks off with low-fidelity designs works as well as building your design system to help you increase your efficiency in deploying new campaigns and features down the road.


High-Fidelity Prototyping

In this phase we'll be making your sketches come to live by touching up the interface's interaction design to keep your users star-struck when they're navigating through you new digital product - be it a website or web application.


QA & Deployment

We'll be doing our quality assessment to ensure that your processes are smooth upon the new launch. Nobody likes broken and faulty links right?


Strategy & Architecture

Planning the right tools & systems from the get-go.

From your database schemas, to your sitemaps and even your product/growth stack! We'll ensure that you're equipped with a lean and mean stack from the very start.

  • check
    Understand the best tools to use within your new stack with close to no cost!
  • check
    Get a bird's eye view of your new digital product and have everything planned out from the get go so you never have to worry about making frequent restructuring.
  • check
    We'll ensure to survey and think your stack through for you to mitigate your operational expenditures!
Devhaus Icon - Digital Product Sprint

Understanding your pain points

We'll be mixing science with art here. For us to breakdown it all in a couple of sentences it'll take forever - in short; we'll hit you up with the best analytics, automation, design & development environment to help your team scale and execute work with ease.


Choosing the right tools

There's a plethora of software tools out there to accomodate to the different needs but what's important is that they can all work together seamlessly. One wrong move here could take weeks if not months just to restructure your architecture and realign your data. To top that up, it'll leave you broke before you know it.


Charting the blueprint

Information unrecorded is information lost. We'll be sure to get you cleaned up with your very own hand-guide to help you refer to these structures even when we're gone! Yup the sky is yours for the taking.


Setting your Design System & wireframing

Empowering you with systems for your Marketing, Design & Development team.

We won't just be working on your new quirky designs, we'll even leave you with systems to help your team achieve efficiency & independence!

  • check
    Product Design System to help your product team launch features, MVPs or any sort of sandbox projects faster and with higher consistency!
  • check
    Marketing Design System to help your content team produce more social media contents, email newsletters and more with ease!
Devhaus Icon - Digital Product Sprint

Creating your Design systems

Most vendors can get a creative work out of the way but the problem with that is you're highly dependent on them - with our systems in place, we'll make sure you're able to fly even when we're not in the picture!


Wireframing your ideas

This is where you'll start to see your new product come to life. We'll be sketching your new site or application page by page!


Documenting design best practices

We'll make sure we leave no stones unturned. You'll be able to understand how to maneuver around the different elements and components with our guide.


High-Fidelity Prototyping

More flare and flamboyance to leave your users star-struck.

You'll be experiencing the full force of your new product by now. Every element will be fully interactive by this stage!

  • check
    Highly interactive interface designs - be it your new application or website!
  • check
    Web Design System to help your marketing team run digital campaigns in the blink of an eye!
Devhaus Icon - Digital Product Sprint

Creating your Web design system

The difference here is that this design system will make you deploy your ad campaigns and landing pages so much faster! Within 3 clicks you'll have your components popping in your environment - we're not kidding!


High-fidelity design showcase

Experience your new designs come to live at this phase. You'll be sitting in with our team to run through pixel by pixel!


Interaction design implementation

When we promise fancy we'll make sure that it's fancy! You'll be witnessing popped out elements as you navigate through your site.


QA & Deployment

Ensuring everything is remarkable.

Outside of just quality assessment on the digital product, this is where we'll be plugging in all the tools together to create a seamless work for your new environment.

  • check
    Damage control before the big launch, making sure every link is working!
  • check
    Plugging in your different tools and software together
Devhaus Icon - Digital Product Sprint

Quality Assesment

From copywriting errors to unresponsiveness and even broken links, we'll need every pair of eyes to watch your new space before we launch it out to the public.



Taking your new website or application live! It's here and now!


Project Handover

No we're not bidding farewell, we're just letting you steal the show from here on 💗

Devhaus Automation Services - EDG Icon
Wish for more?

Taking us on our full suite of services?

To find out more on our enterprise plans you may chat with our account team in the chat widget below! Here are the bonus services that we'll be throwing in! For those who are concerned about the pricing, we've got our partners in place for the EDG grants to reduce the cost by 80%!

Learn more about the EDG Grants here


Executive training

If you ever miss us, you can always have us swing by to help empower your team and guide them through the steps!


More intricate & fancy tools

The bigger the budget the fancier the tools, we're probably automating workflows that're impactful for every department; from procurement to sales and even human resources.


Premium support all year round

We'll be on the ball, standing by when you put us on that hotline bling. We'll be ready to serve you in the best way possible. Who doesn't want the avengers assembled for them all year round right?

Other Vendors

Most service providers only excel at a single or narrow field. This will mean they'll outsource and charge you more for the different services.
Web Design: Creative Agencies
Branding: Branding & PR Agencies
Engineering: Development Houses
Advertising: Digital Marketing Agencies

Here with us

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We've got all the expertise needed under one roof so you'll never have to worry about looking for other vendors to accommodate to your problems. Save time, energy and money with us so you can have more time with your team and loved ones!
Web Design & Development
Software Development
Data & System Integration
Digital Marketing Solutions
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Our Solution

Fancy Designs

We're talking more than just static or dynamic pages, we'll be throwing interactive motion graphics and more in your website and or application(s) to leave the best possible impression on your users!

Full Suite Analytics

From heatmaps to session recording, not only will you be able to understand your user behaviours within your application or website - page by page but you'll be capturing all sorts of event triggers and raw data to make it easier for you to align and define your data down the road. Better decision making throughout your team!

Customer Data Platform

We'll help you collect, clean, and control your customer data so that you understand fully where your sources are coming from what and fonr are the efforts you're executing that's the most effective! From Social advertisements to emails and more, you'll have them all in a controlled environment.

Workflow Automation

We'll ensure that all your software tools are working together concurrently with minimal downtime! With this you'll never have to worry about having broken sequences and loss of leads!

Lifecycle Marketing Journey Automation

We'll tie up all your loose ends to ensure that there's minimal friction so that your users will not be having constant touchpoints with your brand from every angle. Covering pre to post acquisition efforts.

Tailored Data Visualisation Board

To avoid analysis paralysis you'll want to know your core metrics at a glance. We'll ensure that your dashboard will be tailored for you to look at data that's critical to help you make needle moving decisions for your business.