How Well Do You Know Your Digital Architecture?

This quiz will help you gauge your knowledge about your organisation’s digital maturity, your comprehension of your digital stack, and the common use cases of the tools that you’re using. Let’s get started!

Digital readiness assessment quiz

Scenario for this Quiz.

You’re now the Head Of Marketing in a Series A Company; leading a lean team of 2 - you’ll have to do more than just planning and allocating tasks, here you’ll have to plan and execute to move the revenue needles of the company via a full-funnel approach.

This means that:

  • You’ll have to Plan & Manage the resources to execute a Full-Funnel Strategy
  • You’ll have to be technical enough to automate as much tasks as possible
  • Understand the Marketing stack that you’ll be implementing for your company to drive(depending on your industry and vertical)

With that keep this scenario in mind as you proceed to answer the questions throughout this quiz.

Digital readiness assessment quiz

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