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We'll grow faster when we're working in pairs, through our Martech Enablement expertise. Here's our partnership proposition

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Unlock Hypergrowth capabilities for your portfolio companies

Getting from 0-1 does not have to painful, if your portfolio companies are struggling to find a dedicated partner you'll love us, we'll put skin in the game with them. Y-Combinator had Bell-curve, you'll have us backing your portfolio. You'll worry less with talent scarcity on the rise and attrition rate ever-increasing with the younglings, we'd definitely be the perfect fit. Here's the summary cap.

We'll bring our experience working with other ventures in the region

Let's explore how we'll scale your portfolio companies together.

We'll walk you through our past learnings working with some of the most innovative teams in the region! Ask us anything on our upcoming convesation.

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Grants for local ventures

Tap into EDG grants for further subsidies on strategic projects

Navigating the world of grants can be daunting. Let our VP of Advanced Service, Dom, demystify the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) for you. Tailored for local organizations in Singapore, the EDG grant can be a catalyst for your portfolio's growth.

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Understand the essence of the EDG grant, its objectives, and how it can benefit your organization.

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Step-by-step, Dom breaks down the application process, ensuring you know exactly what to expect and how to prepare.

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Discover if your organization qualifies and learn about the myriad benefits that come with the EDG grant.

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Learn how collaborating with Devhaus can not only elevate your digital strategy but also streamline the grant application process.

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Ideas are worth nothing if you’re executing. These days executing is not enough - the right execution matters more. With us you’ll feel the impacted time to value - quick.

Frequently Asked Questions

We tend to bump into these burning questions alot, here’s a quick look into them!

How long does a typical digital transformation project with Devhaus take?

The duration varies based on the scope and complexity of the project. After an initial consultation, we provide a detailed timeline tailored to your specific needs.

Are there any industries or sectors that Devhaus specialises in?

While we have extensive experience across various industries, we have a strong track record in E-commerce, SaaS, Fintechs, and Retail/CPG

How does Devhaus stay updated with the latest trends in Martech?

Our team continuously invests in training, research, and partnerships with leading Martech providers to ensure we're always at the forefront of the industry.

Can Devhaus assist with training our team on the new tools and technologies implemented?

Absolutely! We believe in empowering our clients. Post-implementation, we offer comprehensive training sessions to ensure your team can effectively use and manage the new tools.

Hypothetical Personas driven by our typical ICPs

We thought it’d be great to share perspective on the commonly asked questions by our go-to personas

For the Tech-Savvy CMO

Q: How do you ensure seamless integration of all our existing marketing tools?
A: At Devhaus, we conduct a thorough audit of your current tech stack and design integrations that ensure all your marketing tools communicate efficiently, optimizing your marketing budget and campaign ROI.

For the Growth Hacker

Q: How can Devhaus help in rapid user acquisition for startups?
A: We leverage the latest Martech solutions, combined with growth strategies tailored to startups, to drive rapid user acquisition and improve user retention.

For the Digital Transformation Lead

Q: How do you approach modernizing legacy systems for traditional businesses?
A: Our team assesses the current infrastructure, identifies gaps, and then designs a digital transformation roadmap that integrates modern tools while ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing operations.

For the E-commerce Entrepreneur

Q: How can Devhaus enhance the customer journey on our e-commerce platform?
A: We focus on optimizing the UI/UX, integrating efficient e-commerce tools, and setting up analytics to continuously monitor and improve the customer journey.

For the IT Director

Q: How does Devhaus ensure that all our IT systems are integrated and communicate effectively?
A: We employ a combination of custom integrations, API connectors, and third-party tools to ensure all your IT systems are synchronized and function seamlessly.