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Understanding FullStory

Perfecting the digital experience

Fullstory is a digital experience optimization platform that helps businesses understand and improve the user experience on their websites and mobile apps. With Fullstory, you can record user sessions, replay them in real-time, and use the resulting insights to identify pain points and areas for improvement. Fullstory's advanced search and segmentation capabilities allow you to target specific groups of users and understand their unique behavior, giving you the insights you need to drive growth and improve the user experience. Fullstory's intuitive interface and integrations with other tools make it easy to use and implement, making it a valuable asset for any business looking to understand and improve its digital products.

Mindblowing features:

  • Accurately measure total web traffic and present data elegantly
  • Configure and accurately measure an appropriate measure of engagement, such as average session length, page views per session, amount of scrolling, etc
  • Able to set up custom variables to track any user activity on the site
  • Obtain live data for who is currently accessing your site
  • Analytic tools are also available for mobile and tablet versions of websites
  • Aggregates and visualizes webpage clicks, scrolls, and movement data into color-coordinated data points
  • Able to access user-specific data such as location, language, gender, and activity while on the site
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success stories

Use cases, stories and more

Gap Inc.

Why Gap Inc. chose FullStory’s Digital Experience Intelligence platform


JetBlue reduces payment errors by 20% with FullStory


Finicity enhances customer experience and sensitive data management with FullStory

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Market & Competitors

Granular view of your top competitors and industry players on their digital presence and performance marketing efforts

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    Traffic Analytics
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    Advertising Research
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    Understanding your key market audience’s interests

Marketing technology architecture

We’ll chart out the leanest, most robust marketing technology stack for you to decrease time to insights

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    No-code environment infrastructure
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    Marketing Automation Strategy
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    Easier, more accurate insights of your business

Lifecycle Marketing Strategy

Here we’ll give you the outline of how you can seamlessly create personalised messaging to every target persona by unifying your customer journey

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    Data Tracking & Integration Strategy
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    Customisable Omnichannel Marketing Strategy
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    Unified Customer Data Best Practice

Training on your new systems & processes

Here we’ll give you the outline of how you can seamlessly create personalised messaging to every target persona

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    Full-funnel Campaign Planning best practice
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    New Branding & Design system guide
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    On-demand Video & User-guided training materials

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