Clear your doubts

Let’s ask questions to know each other better. You first!

How long do we take to complete a Minimum Viable Product?
It depends on how complex you'd like the product to be. For the most part - if you're an aspiring SaaS Founder, we'll set the bar on scenario ( b ).
a. E-commerce store: 4-8 weeks
b. Mobile-Web application: 8-21 weeks
c. Business/ Marketing sites: 2-4 weeks
Can we use a different stack other than the ones proposed?
For sure, we'd prefer to under promise and over deliver for the most part. If you have your preferred stack, it's best we discuss and set it straight from the get go - reviewing the pros and cons to it so the project can run smoothly.
P.s. We work best with the FERN Stack but of course we're open to your weapon of choice.
Can you just help me with wireframing and prototyping?
Absolutely! If you have your own development team, we're more than happy to take it up to hi-fi prototyping so it'll be a ton less work for your Dev team!
I need a product up and running in one month, is that possible?
Depends who's asking 🤔. In all seriousness, if the schema has been planned out, user flow is well thought of then of course we'll be more than happy to take on those sleepless nights for you 😁! Most of the time is burned out from the back and forth reiteration and revision from both parties in most cases, so if we could cut down on that then why not!
Can we continue to work together after the first MVP is done?
Yes, yes and always yes! We'd love to give it a 1000% for all our clients - seeing you fly would mean the world to us 🤗. Just let us know how you'd like us to help - be it in terms of continuous product engineering or growth and marketing efforts we're always ready for the challenge.
Can your projects be subsidised with EDG Grants?
Yes and no! If your company meets the requirements then it'd be a big YES - we'll get our relevant partners to roll you in with this wherever needed! Don't be shy, if you're keen come drop the hot topics and contact us!