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Looker Studio Templates

Visualize key data for validating business plans with our templates for traffic tracking, SEO performance, and revenue events.

How this guide will help you:

Traffic and Engagement Tracking
SEO Performance Tracking
Segmented Branded and Non-branded queries

Event Tracking Plan

Analyze and understand crucial events in your B2B operations with our comprehensive tracking plan for better decision-making.

How this guide will help you:

Create a comprehensive event tracking plan.
Cutting-edge Scripting and Logic
Efficient Reporting Tools for In-depth Analysis

UTM Builder

Track and validate your marketing campaigns with our UTM Builder blueprint for better insights and performance optimization.

How this guide will help you:

Precise UTM Builder Tool
Visual Data Visualization Integration
Seamless Data Taxonomy Incorporation
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Growth Strategy 101: A Guide to Achieving Rapid Business Scaling

Learn how specialised growth strategy consulting firms help ambitious organisations rapidly expand through martech enablement, execution support services, and revenue focused advisory.

Marketing Strategy

How to Set up an Outbound Marketing Tech Stack: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Blueprint

This in-depth guide provides a structured blueprint for planning, implementing, and optimising a cutting-edge outbound marketing technology stack tailored to drive impact. It covers establishing data infrastructure, mapping key activation channels and execution tools, enabling cross-channel orchestration, and leveraging automation, analytics and experimentation for continual optimization. The article highlights how a consultancy like Devhaus can provide advisory and execution support around tailoring martech roadmaps to budgets and objectives, integrating solutions, ensuring future extensibility, and securing government funding.

Digital Transformation

Expand into New Markets with EDG Grants Funding Pilot Projects (Must Read for every growing Singapore Business)

Discover how Devhaus helps companies secure EDG grants to fund ambitious market expansion undertakings including pilot testing new offerings, entering overseas regions, and attaining globally recognized certifications.

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