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Grant Overview

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Productivity and digitisation is key to the modernisation of the community care sector in Singapore. Through technology, community care organisations can achieve their mission to provide accessible and affordable care services to a greater number of Singaporeans.

This grant is eligible fort organisations that provide community care services in line with MOH’s licensing or service requirements. This project is only for the organisation's centre that is operating in Singapore. Eligible grant applicant could receive funding of up to 85% of the approved costs, capped at a certain amount, depending on the type of technology category.

Community Care Organisations can benefit from PDG as it provides co-funding to reduce the cost of implementing technology solutions that are in accordance to the AIC's Technology Directory Roadmap and is capable to demonstrate its application in these domains:

  • Productivity and digitalisation focus
  • Impact to organisation
  • Capabilities of organisation to execute project
  • Sustainability of the project

Outcomes and Impacts

  • Increase productivity and job satisfaction by leveraging technology within Community Care organisations (CCOs)
  • Deliver timely, affordable and quality care for Singaporeans via a digitally-driven sector
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