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Easy Steps To Transform Your Business Digitally in 2023


December 23, 2023
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Digital Transformations can be a scary idea for business owners. They are scared to lose customers and local regulars that have become like family. But don’t lose hope yet! Reading this article will help you learn how to avoid that and understand why your business should explore this opportunity.

There are several Digital Transformation Services you can start your digital journey with. Understand that digital transformation does not only mean updating current systems or processes but also forming a new culture, where all departments of an organisation will be involved in leveraging this technology to its fullest extent.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is when an organisation adopts digital technology to improve their efficiency, value and innovation. These are the three main building blocks for any Digital Transformation project.

Devhaus Digital transformation journey

  • Digitisation: Digitisation is the transformation of analogue information or data into a digital form for further processing, storage and transmission.

    The word digitisation has come to refer to several related processes: the conversion of information expressed in words and other textual forms (such as books, newspapers and letters) into machine-readable format; the storage of such information as files on a computer; and the accessing, sharing, manipulation and presentation of this information by an electronic device.
  • Digitalisation: Digitalisation is the idea that all aspects of your business can be transformed through digital technology. It’s about using online technologies and channels to become a digital business.

    Businesses have been talking about digitalisation for years but the truth is it’s a lot more than just improvements to the way we spend our time on the Internet or use social media tools to connect with customers. Digitalisation is about using digital technologies to change your business model or provide a new stream of revenue.
  • Digital Transformation: It is about reimagining the way you run your business. It’s about leveraging new technologies, processes and capabilities to build new systems that enable success in today’s market — whether it’s through optimising customer experience and engagement or delivering more products or services with fewer resources.   

We could go all day talking about Digital Transformation but its definition is not the main thing that we want you to take away from this. Without making things too complex, here are the burning questions you could ask yourself to improve the ecosystem you have in your business today.

How much time are you spending working on your sales and marketing operations today?

Do you have automation processes being put in place?

  1. Did you spend too much manual time looking for leads
  2. Using manual outreach methods ( email, digital ads ) towards your buyer’s personas
  3. Having inaccurate performance tracking processes - not having the right data analytics tools in place

Is your brand communication consistent throughout?

  1. Do you have a web design system in place to quickly deploy marketing campaigns or sales landing pages?
  2. Are you able to create your landing page faster - consistently while sticking to your brand guidelines?

And the list just goes on!

Preparing Yourself for Digital Transformation

With new advances in technology, the future of the business landscape is changing. It's a myth that Digital Transformation is expensive. Here are some of our main pointers to help you get comfortable with the digital ecosystem before moving too far and spending too much.

Below are the most friendly tools that could get you started in this journey without too much friction or decision fatigue.

Choose Your Tools to Address Your Problem Statements
Keeping in mind:

  • Cost & Scalability
  • Time to learn, adapt and perform
  • Native Integration with other tools

Webflow - Website Content Management System

Can’t code?: Webflow is a no-code tool to quickly develop beautiful landing pages for your Sales and Marketing campaigns.

  • Pricing: It is free, you can get started right now; try it out!
  • Learning Materials: A library of guided learning videos provided at Webflow University; check them out!

Webflow learning

Google Analytics - Track your Website Events and Marketing Performance

Google has just recently broken the news that they’ll be phasing out the old Google Analytics ( Universal Analytics in 2023 ). If you have not already checked it out, now’s the time to get ahead of the curve.

Devhaus Google Analytics Integration services

  • PricingFREE - Don’t we all just love that!
    They’ve made it absolutely free for teams, just like how universal analytics was to date. We strongly recommend checking it out!
  • Learning Materials: Google’s Digital Garage is a great place for you to enhance your digital skillsets ( and yup get certified for it too ) - there’s more than just Analytics in here, with over 160 courses - to look into you’re spoilt for choice.
    If you’ve already been using Google Analytics before and you’d like to explore the demo account; learn more about it here.
    Of course - we’ll have you have a quick glimpse too!

Google Analytics 4 demo

Hotjar - Understand your users behaviours on your website

If you’ve heard of or seen them before, they’ve recently rebranded! With a slick UI too!

Hotjar helps you gain insights into your user behaviours through session recordings & heatmaps.

Here’s a quick look into their features:

Hotjar heatmap shots

  • Pricing: Hotjar’s Basic plan is absolutely FREE! At up to 1,050 sessions A MONTH! Honestly, if you’re just getting started and you’re new to this - it’s definitely going to help you get your foot through the door and that’s quite a notable session limit for teams that are just getting started.
  • Learning: If you’re new to UX they’ve got you covered - easy to digest learning materials for teams and individuals to get started with Hotjar, check them out!

Hotjar learning

Here’s A Recap!

Without going too deep into more tools, we’d love for you to take some action items upon reading this article.

  • Most Digital Transformation Projects failed not because teams were unable to implement the systems but because it was usually due to the poor adoption rate of the new processes.
  • Younger companies do not need to pursue Digital Transformation too early, getting digitalisation processes right is a great start.
  • List down your problem statements and digest what are the areas of improvement you need and WHY?
    As the saying goes; “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” start noting down your problem statements so you can visualise your desired outcome!

If you are keen to learn more about this, we encourage you to connect with us for more details.

What this article is about, in a nutshell.

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