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Growth Strategy Consulting: Navigating the World of Business Strategy


February 19, 2024
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Growth Strategy Consulting: Navigating the World of Business Strategy

Growth strategy consulting is constantly evolving to meet the challenges of modern business requirements. With a plethora of consulting firms and business strategists offering their services, it's crucial to understand the latest industry practices and trends. In this article, we'll delve into the realm of growth consulting, exploring its core principles, evolving methodologies, and essential considerations when selecting a consulting partner. 

Understanding Growth Strategy Consulting

Growth strategy consulting is a professional service that provides advice and guidance to companies on how to grow their business. It involves collaborating with business strategy consultants to develop and implement strategies tailored to achieve growth objectives. Consultants assess the current market landscape, analyse consumer behaviour, and evaluate competition to identify growth opportunities. They then craft customised growth plans aligned with the organisation's specific needs and goals.

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Business Strategy Consultants: Masters of Modern Growth

Business strategy consultants are adept in various business disciplines, including marketing, finance, and operations. Their role is to provide objective, expert advice to guide organisations in making informed decisions about their growth strategies. 

These consultants cater to businesses at every stage of development, from fledgling startups to established multinational corporations.‍

‍The Spectrum of Consulting Expertise

Consultants can be divided into three major categories: 

1. Management Consultants - They offer insights into organisational structure, business processes, and management systems.

2. IT Consultants - These experts provide technical guidance and support for information technology systems.

3. Strategy Consultants - Focused on growth strategies, they assist organisations in achieving their expansion objectives.

An illustration by Devhaus showing the different types of consultants
Armed with experience in tackling organisational and strategic problem statements, consultants are an asset to an organisation looking for hyper growth.


Additionally, specialised consultants like high growth consultants excel in facilitating rapid business growth. Leveraging their in-depth understanding of market trends, consumer behaviour, and competition, they help organisations identify growth opportunities and implement strategic plans.

There are  few other consultants as well like a high growth consultant, who is a professional and specialises in helping companies achieve high levels of growth. A high growth consultant works with organisations to identify opportunities for growth, create a growth plan, and implement that plan as he has a deep understanding of the factors that contribute to high growth, including market trends, customer behaviour, and competition. 

All of these consultants use a growth  framework to make sure their actions are aligned with the goals. Let’s understand below more about the growth strategy framework.

Embracing Modern Methodologies: Agile, Digital, and Sustainable

In today's digital age, growth strategy consulting incorporates modern methodologies to drive success:

Agile Methodologies

Consultants apply agile principles to adapt quickly to evolving market dynamics and client needs. At Devhaus, we utilise sprints, standups, backlogs and tools like Trello to promote alignment. This agile approach allows us to refine strategies week-to-week to drive targeted outcomes.

An illustration by Devhaus mapping the agile methodology and the different marketing technical stacks at Devhaus 
Agile Methodology and Devhaus tech stacks

Digital Transformation

Utilising data analytics, automation tools, and digital marketing strategies, consultants optimise growth initiatives for the digital realm. building integrated martech and data stacks to provide the foundation for scalable growth. Our expertise spans customer data infrastructure, reverse ETL, customer data platforms, and data warehouse design. We enable unified data lakes, leveraging automation and AI for execution. With roots in software engineering, we bring technical rigour to strategy.

An illustration showing a visual representation of martech implementation at Devhaus
Devhaus customised martech architecture diagram 

Customer-Centric Approach

Emphasising customer experience and satisfaction, consultants prioritise strategies like customer journey mapping and personalization. Our customer journey mapping workshops uncover pain points and identify personalization opportunities.

‍What is Growth Strategy Framework

Modern methodologies empower organisations to craft evolvable growth strategies that drive tangible impact. A Growth Strategy Framework provides a structured approach for achieving accelerated and sustainable outcomes. It enables organisations to diagnose growth barriers, align on strategic pillars, activate high-ROI initiatives, and track execution through growth command centres.

The framework consists of four core phases:

Diagnose Growth Challenges:  In-depth analysis of market trends, growth trajectories, customer journeys and organisational capabilities to accurately pinpoint constraints and opportunities.

Align on Strategic Priorities: Collaborative strategy workshops involving key stakeholders to define 3-5 year vision, goals, strategic pillars and KPIs.

Activate High-Impact Initiatives: Rapid activation of 90-day execution sprints focused on capability upgrading, process transformation, product innovation and messaging.

Track and Optimise Execution: Leveraging amplification loops, growth scorecards, and predictive analytics to track initiatives, capture insights, make corrections, and optimise resource allocation for maximum impact.

The framework embraces agility with quarterly strategy reviews to realign based on market changes. The focus is on accelerating measurable outcomes vs theoretical strategy. When deployed effectively, it unlocks transformational growth in 12-18 months.‍

Evaluate your organisation’s growth consultancy requirement 

How to choose a Growth Strategy Firm‍

Selecting the right growth strategy firm is a pivotal decision that can significantly impact the trajectory of your business. To ensure you make an informed choice, consider the following factors:

1. Track Record of Success: Delve into the firm's track record to assess its ability to deliver tangible results. Look for evidence of past successes through case studies, client testimonials, and industry awards. A firm with a proven track record of driving growth and achieving results will instil confidence in its ability to help your business thrive.

2. Firm Size and Scope: Consider the size and scope of the firm in relation to your specific needs and preferences. Large, established firms may offer extensive resources and expertise, but they may also lack the personalised attention and flexibility provided by smaller boutique firms. Conversely, boutique firms may offer a more tailored approach and greater accessibility to senior-level expertise. Evaluate which type of firm aligns best with your business goals and organisational culture.

3. Industry Experience and Specialization: Prioritise firms with experience working within your industry or niche. A firm with industry-specific expertise will possess a deeper understanding of the unique challenges, opportunities, and dynamics inherent to your sector. Furthermore, consider whether the firm has specialised knowledge or capabilities relevant to your specific growth objectives, such as international expansion, digital transformation, or sustainability initiatives.

4. Cultural Fit and Collaborative Partnership: Assess the cultural fit between your organisation and the growth strategy firm. Look for alignment in values, communication styles, and collaborative approaches. A strong cultural fit fosters a synergistic partnership, enabling seamless collaboration and mutual understanding. Choose a firm that not only understands your organisation's goals and values but also demonstrates a genuine commitment to partnering with you to achieve shared growth objectives.

Growth strategy consulting is an indispensable component of organisational success in today's competitive landscape. By partnering with the right consulting firm, businesses can unlock their growth potential and soar to new heights. Whether you're a startup seeking rapid expansion or a multinational corporation navigating market shifts, a growth strategy consultant can provide the expertise and guidance needed to thrive in the modern business environment.‍

Accelerate Growth Through Government Subsidies 

The Singapore government provides generous innovation grants strengthening homegrown companies’ market penetration across high potential Asian markets. The Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) grant funds up to 50% of overseas promotion, business development and operational set up in new countries up to SG$100k per market.

This initiative also offers SMEs access to a range of in-market services such as business matching, market intelligence, and networking opportunities. The MRA grant is designed to help Singaporean businesses become more competitive in the global market and to encourage them to explore new opportunities beyond their domestic borders.

A screenshot from the Devhaus website about the MRA Grant 
Explore and learn more about the MRA grant here

Outcomes and Impacts

  • Easily grow your business in the new market to increase leads, sales, and revenue
  • Focuses on building a strong foundation for your brand, which in turn increases brand equity in a new market
  • Build trust and authority with your customers, and develop a strong reputation to be competitive in the market

Growth Strategy Consulting by Devhaus 

Devhaus is uniquely positioned at the intersection of technical prowess and commercial acumen. Our distinct niche caters specifically to ambitious Southeast Asian companies seeking to scale their operations or enter new markets within the region.

Our core strength lies in the ability to configure future-proof "growth stacks" of martech and data infrastructure, empowering our clients to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape with confidence and precision. Through these meticulously crafted growth stacks, we enable series-extending revenue momentum by expanding channels and creating seamless omnichannel experiences that resonate with customers on a profound level.

By seamlessly blending technical implementation excellence with battle-tested growth proficiency in the Southeast Asian market, Devhaus accelerates expansion and value creation for our clients, propelling them to new heights of success and prosperity in an ever-evolving business landscape.

To set up the foundation of your growth story, schedule a consultation with our team! 

What this article is about, in a nutshell.

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