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Unlocking Business Growth with EDG Grants and Devhaus's Martech Expertise


March 8, 2024
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Many Singapore companies seek new ways to upgrade capabilities, boost productivity, and expand into new markets. However, a lack of financial resources often hinders progress. Fortunately, government grants like the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) make such strategic projects achievable by subsidizing up to 70% of costs.

This article provides an overview of how companies can tap EDG funding to implement customized martech solutions with Devhaus, an expert in securing grants and deploying optimized technology stacks. With Devhaus’s help in obtaining grants, even early stage startups can implement best-in-class tools to support hypergrowth.

Breakdown of overall grant subcategories for Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)

Overview of EDG Grant Categories

The EDG aims to help Singapore companies grow and transform by funding projects across three categories:

1. Core Capabilities

This covers projects to strengthen foundational business areas like:

  • Business strategy formulation
  • Financial management
  • Human capital development
  • Service excellence
  • Brand and marketing strategies

EDG will fund consulting projects in these areas to diagnose gaps, create strategic plans, and implement solutions.

2. Innovation and Productivity

This category funds projects to boost innovation and optimization, including:

  • Automation implementation
  • Process redesign
  • New product development
  • Standards adoption

EDG helps companies implement the latest automation solutions and refine processes to increase innovation and productivity.

3. Market Access

Here, EDG supports market expansion projects like:

  • Pilot projects and test bedding
  • Entry into new overseas markets
  • Adoption of standards for international trade

Companies can tap EDG to implement projects to access new geographical and product markets and build track records.

EDG Funding Levels

  • Up to 70% for projects supporting sustainability capabilities
  • Up to 50% for most other qualifying projects

This means companies pay only 30-50% of project costs out-of-pocket by leveraging EDG.

Overall Fits - to grow your business regionally!

Devhaus's Expertise in Securing EDG Grants

While EDG provides generous subsidies, the application process can be complex for companies new to grants.

Devhaus has specialized expertise in securing EDG funding by:

  • Carefully scoping projects to meet eligibility criteria
  • Preparing meticulous documentation and proposals
  • Rigorously tracking project milestones and expenditures
  • Ensuring compliant claims processes to receive payouts

We tap our extensive experience submitting successful applications to unlock the full value of EDG grants for clients. This expertise allows even young startups to implement projects once only achievable for mature enterprises.

Customized Martech Solutions Made Affordable by EDG

Many companies struggle to implement advanced martech stacks due to the high upfront costs. By tapping Devhaus's services and EDG funding, companies can deploy customized enterprise-grade solutions at a fraction of the price.

Illustrated example of EDG Automation grant implementation plans

Devhaus's specialized martech enablement solutions powered by grants include:

CMS Website Setup with Webflow

Many companies still rely on outdated static websites. Webflow offers a visually intuitive CMS platform, but can have a steep learning curve. Devhaus guides clients through implementing Webflow sites optimized for:

  • SEO performance
  • Lead capture
  • UI/UX design
  • Responsiveness

With Devhaus consulting subsidized by EDG, companies can quickly deploy modern sites.

CDP Integration for Unified Data

Fragmented customer data across tools like CRM, email, and analytics platforms causes "data silos". A Customer Data Platform (CDP) unified data for a "single source of truth".

Devhaus specializes in implementing leading CDPs like Segment, stitching together data sources into one clean database. EDG funding covers up to 70% of setup and integration costs.

Quick overview on why Customer Data Platform (CDPs) are crucial for growth for Asia's businesses in 2024 - especially with Google's Cookie Deprecation
EDG Automation project on System Integrations

Data Pipeline Orchestration

Manually migrating data between systems is inefficient. Devhaus configures automated data pipelines using ELT/ELT methods so data flows seamlessly between tools in real time.

This prevents disjointed workflows. Grant funding alleviates the typical high spend required for robust data infrastructure.

Data Visualization Dashboards

Many companies struggle to translate raw data into strategic insights. Devhaus builds interactive dashboards presenting essential KPIs from tools like Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Adobe Analytics, and more in comprehensible formats.

EDG-subsidized dashboards help managers make data-driven decisions rapidly.

Ongoing Management via Retainer Services

After initial martech implementation, Devhaus offers managed services via fixed-fee monthly retainers to:

  • Manage and maintain platforms
  • Continually enhance capabilities
  • Provide ad-hoc optimization and troubleshooting
  • Perform regular audits and upgrades

This ensures systems continue running smoothly while capabilities scale up over time. EDG funding covers setup costs, while monthly retainers enable ongoing extensions.

Strategic Consulting and Training

Devhaus also provides consulting to advise clients' leadership teams on technology strategy and best practices via:

  • Strategic advisory consulting billed per project or time basis
  • Hands-on training via in-depth workshops to impart technical knowledge

EDG grants subsidize initial setup and deployments, while retainers and consulting fund continual enhancements. This blended model provides affordability alongside ongoing service.

The Power of Martech and Grants for Growth

Implementing enterprise-grade martech stacks can cost upwards of six figures for robust integrations across customer data, analytics, automation, and more. This has traditionally put such tools out of reach for many growth-stage companies.

But by combining Devhaus's specialized expertise in securing EDG grants together with managed services delivered at a fraction of typical market rates, companies can now implement customized stacks matching their strategic needs and budget realities, gaining capabilities far exceeding their maturity level.

Ongoing retainers also ensure systems scale up gradually rather than demanding large periodic upgrade investments. This creates an accessible glide path to modern martech that enables companies to punch above their weight and drive accelerated growth trajectories, no matter their size and stage.

Next Steps: Explore Transformative Growth Powered by Martech, and subsidise your project with EDG Grants

Devhaus offers a complimentary consultation to assess your current martech stack and identify potential EDG eligible projects to drive technology-fueled growth.

Our team will perform an audit of your existing marketing, sales, and operational infrastructure to detect gaps and bottlenecks. We'll assess your organizational maturity to create a sequenced technology roadmap matching your strategic objectives and budget realities.

By determining your current EDG grant eligibility, our experts can identify key projects to subsidize with funding up to 70% of costs. This enables rapid implementation of robust platforms otherwise taking years to budget for.

Book your free growth infrastructure consultation today. Our team will craft a tailored martech strategy to futureproof your stack while leveraging grants to make enterprise technologies affordable. Just book your session here to get started.

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