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10x your performance today by transforming your architecture and processes

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  • Prepare your problem statements
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  • Let us know your budget constraints if any
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Build the digital architecture that expedite and break through the barriers to Product-Market Fit, and get 70% subsidies!

Work smarter, not harder with Devhaus team

Rest easy with all the new software to be integrated into your overall digital architecture. Devhaus engineering team are fully certified on all the tools, so your team can focus on building the product and the roadmap while we take care of the rest for you!

Get Up to 70% subsidies on overall cost!

Get up to 70% off on the overall cost of the project for SG Companies working with Devhaus! Submit your application before 1st April before the revision of grant subsidies which will be reduced to only 50%.

Better data management and insights to improve CRO efforts

Help {Persona Company} leaders to store, organize, and analyse data more efficiently, improving their ability to track progress and make data-driven decisions. Achieve better conversion optimisation results!

Your favourite tools, in your dream ecosystem.

Implement your best in breed architecture with us. Imagine what company will eventually be then.

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Up to 70% Subsidies for Companies operating in Singapore

You never have to worry about breaking your wallet for strategic transformation projects anymore, as long as you meet these criterias

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Have at least 30% local shareholding

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You’ve been operating for at least 2 years

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You have business operations in Singapore

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Have a chat with us, a quick 30 mins won’t hurt anyone - you might just get out of it with boat loads of future ideas

Strategy & technology adopted by companies like;


Curious on our past work? Here are some

We’ve come around to aid some of the other early stage ventures here in Sunny Singapore and around the region!

Project Summary

A no-code digital adoption platform enables you to automate onboarding training and support for digital solutions.


B2B Saas

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Project Summary

A no-code digital adoption platform enables you to automate onboarding training and support for digital solutions.


B2B Saas

Project Summary

A digital-first LMS that'll be launching into the market with their very own Product-led Growth Learning contents!



Project Summary

The first collaborative perfumery house, where creativity, sustainability and personalisation is at the heart of everything they do, where users can express themselves through scents.

Maison 21G


Project Summary

The virual tourism marketplace - home to wanderlusters, Trally hopes to bring together hosts and guests alike, providing a platform for all to share the love of exploring.


Virtual Tourism

If you’re still here - you’re making the right bet. Call us.

Ideas are worth nothing if you’re executing. These days executing is not enough - the right execution matters more. With us you’ll feel the impacted time to value - quick.

Transform your Brand Experience today.

For a start, we transform your system architecture and create an agile operation process to meet your growing business needs.