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About Gateway Private Markets

Here's the overview, from their narrative. Best of luck pitching your next big idea!

As founders, investors and executors, we have experienced the incredible growth in private markets, but also faced the frustrations in relying on tools that have not evolved over the past few decades. Since 2019, we have been driven by our mission to ease the frictions faced by companies in efficient fundraising and working with their shareholders to address their liquidity needs in an increasingly complex venture ecosystem.

​With our unique DNA, we are leading the development of this critical infrastructure in Asia – bringing together the fastest growing community of venture stakeholders, and building specialised financial technology tools around access, liquidity and information

Side tips for Startups and Scaleups looking to grow

We've created this resource to help you secure further project financing for your innovative ideas. Here are some ways to help you grow your startup or new business.

Check out this great pitch by Primer, we're sure it'll give you some inspiration for your next pitch deck

Further Guide on Finding the right Venture Capital Firms for your Startups in Asia

We'll be further elaborating on actional tips with the tools needed for you to secure your next investment from Venture Capitals in Asia. Read more on the tips below of search for more VCs in the region via our VC Navigator.

You'll find over 200 Venture capital firms all over Asia.

Platforms and tips to help you secure more funds for your next startup investment

Before reaching out to investors or project financers, we strongly suggest to take time and prepare the relevant collaterals for your pitch & presentation. With that, here's a big picture of the steps we'd advice you to take.

Search for Angel or Institutional Investors to pitch your business ideas

  1. Prepare a compelling pitch deck to secure a better chance on your new investments.
    We'd recommend you to look for inspirations via pitch
  2. Prepare a list of VCs, Angels and other types of investors or financers that you'd like to pitch your idea to.
    Prepare a list of via Google Sheets or Excel - use LinkedIn to source out your investors alonside other lead generation tool to help you source them out.
  3. Once you've sorted your list start, plan the sequence of your outreach campaign on Lemlist and launch it
    ( We'd recommend you to try Lemlist out, it'll help you automate your outreach with Emails, Linkedin and even calls with Aircall )

Lead generation platforms for your outreach campaigns for your next funding

If you're on a budget and you'd like to try your hands on automating your outbound approach, here are some great lead generation tools that will help you prospect your investors more efficiently

Here's our recommended list of tools

If you're a tight budget - try these platforms, they've free plans to help you

Supplement them with enrichment tools ( it's free to a certain limit ) 
To help you enrich your website visitors better

If you've done lead generation before then here are some of our recommended platforms with a really high quality of leads ( yearly plans might rise above 5 figures though )

Look for alternative ways to finance your business or startup idea via Government Grants

If you're a company operating in Singapore and you've got local shareholding then you're in luck. We've built you a Grant Navigator to help you look for financing needs to help you subsidise further expansion or innovation you'd like to take your business to greater heights. We'll list some of the most common tapped on grants by some of the innovative startups in Singapore and other SMEs.

  1. EDG Automation Grant: To help you further scale automation processes within your business, example - Creating complex Marketing Automation triggers and modules to help you with your overall Customer Experience
  2. MRA grant: To help your business with Expansion plans outside of Singapore
  3. EDG Strategic Brand & Marketing Development:  To help you create an immersive branding and go to market strategy

Note that for you're able to get subsidies up to 80% ( for certain industries ), usually the more common subsidies lies at about 50%.

If you'd like some support to understand how you can get your business strategy project subsidized, drop us an enquiry via our contact form and we'll follow up with you on our next available slot for our upcoming invigorating chat 😍😍😍

Try reaching out these VCs to pitch your next big idea

Secure further funding for your project with these simple steps

  • Prepare your perfect pitch deck
  • Create outreach campaigns to knock on the doors of these investors
  • Get your startup funded or your project financed with grants
Dedicated guides for startups and scaleups

World class resources to help you grow,no fluff - just pure value

Grants for Businesses

We offer businesses access to grants that can help fund growth initiatives, giving them the financial boost they need to succeed.

Best in Class guides

Our library is filled with top-notch guides that provide step-by-step instructions on how to implement growth strategies and best practices, including marketing, sales, operations, and finance.

Growth Stack Library

Our Growth Stack page offers a comprehensive collection of technology-enabled services to help you succeed in today's world. Discover our wide range of tech solutions that accelerate digital transformation.

Explore other VCs

Explore other Venture capital firms around the region

EDG: Enterprise

Up to 70% Subsidies for Companies operating in Singapore

You never have to worry about breaking your wallet for strategic transformation projects anymore, as long as you meet these criterias

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Have at least 30% local shareholding

Devhaus Transformation Solution - Service Feature Icon

You’ve been operating for at least 2 years

Devhaus Transformation Solution - Service Feature Icon

You have business operations in Singapore

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