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Growth Strategy Consultants: How Firms Can Unlock Expansion in Southeast Asia


December 17, 2023
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Unlocking Your Organization’s Full Potential Through Strategic Growth Consulting

Accelerating business growth is a complex endeavor. Many leaders have a vague sense their organization could be achieving more, but concrete plans to realize that potential often prove elusive.

The possibilities at first seem boundless – new business models, markets, partnerships and technologies. However with limited bandwidth, how determine which opportunities represent asymmetric upside?

And crucially, once commitment kicks off, how pace scaling initiatives and measure progress so momentum compounds without losing strategic focus?

Growth strategy requires vision, orchestration and meticulous execution. To navigate ambiguity and organizational challenges, even seasoned executives turn to experts for insight and accountability.

Here we explore growth consulting models, specialized agencies, and frameworks to consider when evaluating experts to unlock your full potential.

Common Models of Growth Consulting

There are four primary types of growth consultants. Each has a distinct approach:

  • Strategy Boutiques: Project-focused strategic planning relationships. Well suited to pressing issues like market shifts or changing competitive landscapes requiring plan redesign with strict timelines.
  • Capability Builders: Embed within leadership teams for months to transfer growth skills via workshops and coaching focused on optimization. Aligned to systematic level up of analytics, digital literacy, org dynamics, etc.
  • Interim Executives: Parachute veteran operators directly into executive leadership roles during crucial periods of rapid expansion. Short term role assuming full departmental ownership at critical moments enabling rapid high leverage impact when bandwidth is frayed.
  • Full Stack Accelerators: End to end service encompassing opportunity validation through execution and measurement tied to clear ROI. Highest degree of involvement yet highest payoff when growth imperatives require both breakthrough strategic reorientation as well as tactical excellence converting plans into measurable gains.

To extend on top of the common models of Growth Consulting, here are some additional context on how Consulting-type services can aid businesses in increasing their impact on time to market activities.

Growth Consulting Creates Compounding Clarity and Advantage for B2B Organizations

Bringing on specialized growth expertise benefits B2B companies by:

Increasing Strategic Direction

Growth consultants facilitate reimagining market scenarios and opportunities by benchmarking competitor pursuits and tracking shifts in the external landscape. Advisors inject fresh frameworks into strategic dialogue while transfering planning skills.

Boosting ROI  Through Clear Time-To-Value Tracking

Growth execution done in absence of diligent ROI tracking risks diffusion. Consultants instill measurement discipline by validating idea-stage assumptions and course correcting tactical plans based on real outcome data related to conversion, retention and expansion.

Developing Core Competencies as Sustainable Competitive Advantages

Growth specialists pressure test untested “advantages” to find true differentiators, then doubling down on enhancing those skills, data assets and systems making replication difficult. This expands defensible capability gaps outpacing competition.

Optimizing Budget Decisions Across Initiatives

Scarce resources get allocated to shaky concepts that sound promising when data and accountability lack. Metrics propel fact based prioritization and decisive rebalancing of budgets according to impact assessed through proper experimentation.

Tightening Goal Governance and Organizational Scalability

As companies grow, lack of accountability breeds misalignments. Consultants streamline processes and implement cadences ensuring leadership visibility into progress and guarantees appropriate Scaling of team capabilities enabling next stage initiatives and value creation.

External growth experts drive leverage at pivotal junctures by enhancing visibility, focus and organizational abilities essential for compounding companies.

Evaluating Your Growth Consultancy Requirements

With various consulting models available, how determine what addresses your own objectives? Here's a quick template for you to help you better prepare a project brief for your stakeholders ( Whether you'd like to use us as your Strategic partner or internal resources, we're sure this'd help )

Use This Template to Map Out Your Project

Now that you've weighed different consulting approaches and partners, pull together a comprehensive project brief for alignment across stakeholders as next steps.

This template captures key dimensions to aid planning:


  • Business Profile & Stage: Where we are today
  • Leadership Team: Who is involved
  • Recent Performance & KPIs: Results over past quarter

Current State Analysis

  • External Landscape: Market trends, competitive overview
  • Internal Assessment: Org strengths/weaknesses, resource constraints

Project Objectives

  • Overarching Goal: Problem to be solved, opportunity to be seized
  • Success Metrics: Specific quantitative targets to hit

Foundational Elements

  • Strategic Mission: Values, purpose, differentiation
  • Operational Drivers: Core model, workflows, systems

Project Governance

  • Scope: Activities included and any exclusions
  • Timeline: Staged phases and milestones
  • Budget Estimate: High-level ballpark costs

Legal Terms

  • Payment Schedules & Methods: Billing frequency, approved forms
  • Intellectual Property: Asset ownership clarity

Solidifying and socializing these project dimensions internally before engaging growth experts sets the stage for transparency and achievement.

Quick tip: Innovative Problem Solving
Assess sophistication resolving multi-dimensional challenges from creative angles beyond textbook solutions.

Technical Competency

Showcase expertise translating strategy into operationalized solutions leveraging platforms and technical capabilities tailored to your needs.

For example, Devhaus has deep experience architecting and implementing growth stacks using:

  • Webflow: Enables business professionals to control experiences without coding for velocity.
  • Mixpanel: Surfaces behavioral trends driving critical conversions and retention.
  • Looker: Models data relationships extracting analytics enabling insight discovery.
  • Lemlist: Orchestrates personalized, sequenced omnichannel campaigns.

We also specialize in custom product builds incorporating AI and modern interfaces supporting growth.

Here's a snapshot of a visual martech architecture diagram we could setup for you

Positioning of Specialized Growth Consultancies and Executive Programs

While general management consultancies advise on elements of growth, new entrants bring differentiated positioning - besides, if you're looking to test things internally within your organisation and if you prefer a more "self-served" track, please look through these leaders below:

Here's how you can, expand your Growth Strategy Perspectives

While consultancies bring customized strategic support, Founders can further educate themselves exploring growth frameworks from top operators.

Reforge Artifacts

Reforge, led by Andrew Chen, helps teams develop growth capabilities. Beyond advisory, it offers Reforge Artifacts providing growth strategy templates contributed by experts across tech sharing practical frameworks employed at companies like Doordash and Brex.

Reforge members strategically benefit from Artifacts by:

  • Discovering slides, spreadsheets and documents relevant to their situation.
  • Reading creator notes explaining context and methodology.
  • Saving and customizing artifacts for their own plans.
  • Remixing templates to form new versions tailored to their functions and vertical.

Experts in systematically reinforcing growth muscle memory within orgs based on iconic founder Coach Andrew Chen’s methodologies. Unique focus on skill building within teams. Not outsourced growth execution.

Unusual VC Go to Market Toolkit

To assist portfolio companies, venture group Unusual VC publicly shares its Go to Market Toolkit covering essential functions for scaling startups such as marketing, sales, product-led growth, hiring and more.

The presentation compiles industry best practices across key categories:

  • Mastering early marketing when resources are constrained.
  • Developing playbooks that sales can execute.
  • Designing modern operating models for efficiency.
  • Building exposure through open source networks.
  • Onboarding leaders that spearhead rapid expansion.

Between customizable Reforge Artifacts and Unusual VC’s GTM Toolkit, Founders gain access to strategic blueprints forged by those steeped in hypergrowth. Integrating these external learnings with tailored advisory accelerates refinement of custom scaling playbooks.

Devhaus: Full Stack Martech Accelerators for SE Asia  

Devhaus occupies a distinct niche - technical expertise intersecting with commercial proficiency. Our positioning includes:

  • Target Market: Ambitious SE Asian Companies Looking to Scale or Enter Region
  • Core Strength: Configure Future Proof “Growth Stacks” of Martech and Data Infrastructure
  • Value Proposition: Through precision growth stacks, enable series-extending revenue momentum through expanded channels and seamless omnichannel experiences customers love.
  • Proof Points:
  • $15M in growth funding catalyzed via customized 12 month accelerator programs
  • Expansion to three Asian regions in two years for eCommerce clients

This intersection of technical implementation excellence and battle tested SE Asia growth proficiency enables us to accelerate expansion and value creation for clients.

Evaluating Your Growth Consultancy Requirements

With various consulting models defined, how do you determine what’s right for your own objectives? Prioritize support spanning three capabilities:

Innovative Problem Solving, starting with your desired Scorecards.

Does the growth consultancy demonstrate sophistication resolving multi-dimensional challenges from creative angles beyond textbook solutions? On a side not - typically when it comes to Growth Consultancy, different frameworks will have to be applied to different business models - take a pitstop here for abit and watch through Y-Combinator's guide on business models and pricing strategy below to further expand your horizon on Growth. You might just draw a nice inspiration for your organisation to dive deeper into refining your monetisation model 🤑

The guide is led by Aaron Epstein, he's an absolute unit! Promise you'll love the content!

Technical Competency  

Do they showcase technical excellence translating strategy into operationalized solutions leveraging platforms and technical capabilities tailored to your needs?

Domain Mastery  

Have they steward companies in your precise vertical and business model through previous inflection points to due diligence giving real perspective into the nuance of growth decisions faced?

The intersection of human ingenuity, functional execution and specialty experience is where breakout growth blooms best. Is your growth imperative held back more by lack of strategic imagination, tactical optimization or hands on mentorship straight from the frontlines? Determining which matters most informs selecting optimal
consulting partnership.

Verify specialty advising companies in your precise vertical through previous inflection points giving perspective into nuance around decisions.

At Devhaus our focus exclusively on digital companies in SE Asia confers proprietary insight into regional expansion playbooks unavailable through generalist firms.

Here are suggestions on additional growth consulting alternatives in Asia and some digital marketing agencies in Singapore:

How can we not provide alternatives in this guide right, friends? Well - fret not, we've handpicked 3 consultancies to help with growth in this region. Additionally, here's a snapshot of Top Singapore Internet Marketing Companies from Clutch focusing on digital marketing. Do your relevant window shopping, but we'll forewarn you that we don't think there's quite another agency as stacked as Devhaus in SE Asia!

Hand Selected SE Asia Strategic Growth Consultancies

👉🏻 We are in no way affiliated to them, these recommendations are purely based on our high-level filtered research on clutch.

  • Debuide Technologies: AWS/GCP cloud experts also providing custom software and devops advisory.
    Debuide Technologies brings expertise in advanced custom software development, multi-cloud infrastructure, and devops advisory. With deep fluency across modern stacks like AWS, Serverless, MEVN, Docker and Kubernetes, this consultancy translates technical vision into functioning products and workflows befitting high growth companies. Beyond implementation, Debuide advises leadership through strategic IT consulting ensuring long term architecture evolves to unlock additional value epochs down the line.
  • IT Block: IT support specialists also consulting on data analytics, BI and cybersecurity. Long term IT clients since 2018.
    In operation since 2018, boutique consultancy IT Block uniquely fuses fundamental IT support capabilities with advanced strategic services essential for rapid expansion. By centralizing services like security operations, data warehousing and business intelligence under one umbrella, IT Block enables leadership to extract insights unlocking ahead-of-curve decision making through analytics while remaining confident everyday IT functions operate seamlessly. This fusion of backend orchestration and advanced analytics powers optimized growth flywheels.
  • Win Pro: Microsoft partner providing cloud and IT hardware procurement, plus SEO and web design services. Since 1993.
    Established in 1993, Win Pro leverages veteran cloud and IT integrations experience to elevate enterprise architecture for sustained market leadership. As the only local Microsoft and Kaspersky gold partner, its strategic consultants modernize stacks leveraging leading platforms securing operations today while architecting for the disruptions of tomorrow. Complimenting backend overhaul, Win Pro also delivers front end optimization through SEO consulting and web experience design catered to propel expansion.

Top Internet Marketing Agencies in Singapore

The list displays specialized agencies ranked by client reviews that may suit other online marketing needs beyond holistic growth consulting across people, processes and platforms.

Now that we've shared select alternatives in the region as well, where should we focus our next discussion to construct your custom expansion playbook? Let's connect to explore your current obstacles, targets and potential ways we can accelerate your momentum.

The best part of this article: Accelerate Asia Expansion Through Subsidized Growth Projects

The Singapore government provides generous innovation grants strengthening homegrown companies’ market penetration across high potential Asian markets. The Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) grant funds up to 50% of overseas promotion, business development and operational set up in new countries up to SG$100k per market.

Explore and learn more about the MRA grant here

MRA grants empower ambitious firms to ratchet growth investments spanning strategic capability building, in-depth opportunity analysis, partnership facilitation, product localization and beyond – de-risked by co-funded government support.

Hypothetical Use Case

Take an ecommerce company selling specialty Asian groceries in Singapore seeking expansion into Indonesia. Key unknowns need addressing:

  • Optimal localized branding, packaging and inventory tailored to Indonesian consumer preferences
  • Logistics infrastructure gaps requiring fulfillment optimization
  • Marketing channel validation identifying highest conversion options
  • Partnership facilitation with local distributors, influencers and digital platforms

Rather than risky DIY experimentation, the company engages Devhaus to architect an engineered market entry plan. Our full funnel methodology fuses strategic perspective with execution excellence honed over dozens of regional launches.

An integrated 12-month expansion playbook is crafted leveraging MRA funding. Devhaus initiates in-depth opportunity analysis surveying the competitive terrain. Extensive consumer research is conducted unearthing granular findings on purchasing triggers, flavors and ingredients resonating in unique Indonesian segments.

With precise market clarity, customized MVP products are designed applying cultural insights. A launch marketing plan activates digital partnerships with local influencers complementing tailored paid campaigns. Meanwhile, Devhaus configures omnichannel order flows integrating validated 3PL services providing price competitive rapid delivery.  

The expansion is underwritten by the MRA grant, while Devhaus oversees efficient piloting – tracking assumptions and fine tuning positioning. Within months, a strategic foothold is established in Indonesia without massive upfront investment. Momentum is systematically compounding through optimized instruments constructed specifically for the market.  

The MRA grant empowers ambitious companies to make similarly decisive leaps opening new Asian fronts - buffered by substantive government support.

Benefits of Tapping MRA Co-Funding

The MRA grant offers both financial flexibility combined with de-risking of uncertainty – LPs are covered up to 50% reducing capital strain. Specific advantages include:

Focused Opportunism

Many companies contemplate expansion but hesitate at major resource allocation without guaranteed ROI. MRA enables decisive commitment concentrating resources for maximum impact.

Methodical Capability Building

Meticulous opportunity analysis, technical architecture and capability building required for breakthrough overseas growth all become suddenly affordable aided by matching funds.

Faster Time-To-Market

Delayed overseas progress jeopardizes prospects against faster moving competitors. Financial aid fuels swift mobilization accelerating elapsed time between planning and actual target market presence.  

Eligibility Criteria

  • Business entity registered and operating in Singapore
  • Has at least 30% local ownership by Singapore citizens / PR
  • Max group annual turnover of SG$100M
  • Annual sales below SG$100k in the target overseas country the past 3 years

Visit here for full eligibility parameters.

Streamlined Application and Disbursement Process

At Devhaus, our in-house grant specialists guide clients end-to-end from framing the case for support all the way through efficient disbursement and tracking ROI against KPIs, including:

  1. Target Market Selection
  2. Tailored Proposal Crafting
  3. Online Application Submission
  4. Progress Tracking and Amendments
  5. Audit Supporting Documentation
  6. Claims Filing and Disbursement

Our structured process enables companies to benefit from substantive government financial aid without administrative hassle.

Asia awaits, but confusion around market variances stifles progress. Let the MRA grant ease your expansion, exponentially accelerating regional penetration through funded capability advancement.  

Now Is The Time To Ignite Your Scaled Growth Story

In this guide, we explored a multitude of considerations around strategically growing an organization's impact and revenues across Asia in a capital efficient manner.

Specifically, we covered:

  • Evaluating specialized growth consulting models to determine the optimal strategic skillsets and oversight required at your current business stage
  • Four frameworks to systematically assess your market-product-channel-model alignments as core instruments for growth Rate limiting overload and gaps become visible through these lenses enabling crisp roadmap prioritization towards $100M+ outcome levels
  • De-risking initial market entries across fragmented Asian opportunities by socializing investments through Singapore government assistance grants providing financial subsidies for activities strengthening beachheads

The time for tentative, reactive overseas incrementation has passed. With bespoke consulting blueprints specially crafted for bold SE Asian market disruption by teams like Devhaus now accessible, the door is open to shift from local player to recognized continent leader within years, not decades.

Immediate Next Steps  

While opportunity abounds, actualizing ambitions requires determining where to start.

Begin by scheduling a consultation here and assessing current weak links across:

  • Market offering resonance in overseas regions
  • Expansion execution capabilities
  • Infrastructure fragility points

Armed with gap clarity, we can explore targeted capability advancement subsidized by government grants as discussed here. With funding secured, we rapidly assemble a 6-12 month engagement transferring skills and achieving near term objectives setting you up for sustained market leadership.

The time for tentative overseas incrementalism has passed. Are you ready to architect an instrument for calculated Asian impact? Let's connect and define your next chapter.

Let's uncover your problem statements ↗️ to start capturing obstacles and defining operational progress for seizing near term upside.

If you love this guide, please bookmark it so you can revisit this article anytime! 📑
What this article is about, in a nutshell.

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